Nokia 3310

The 3310, one of Nokia’s most iconic and successful phones, is set to make a comeback as it’s reported to be re-released at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona starting on the 27th February.

Released after the 3210, the 3310 was and still is a phone that stole our hearts from its famous ringtone to its immensely popular game, Snake II. It reminds us of a time when a phone was a phone and not a computer in a pocket.

The 3310 has gained a cult status in more recent years with reference to its strength and durability in general when compared to modern smartphones. Along with the aforementioned Snake II, a game which is still popular with multitudes of remakes across the web, as well as on Mobile Appstores.

Another popular feature of this accomplished device is its battery life – with up to 260 hours on standby. Gone are the days of charging your phone once a week, with many smartphones not even lasting a day without a full charge it’s sure to once again be a breath of fresh air.

Although the 3310 is still in use in some parts of the world, here in Western Countries all that appears to remain of this highly regarded device is the memories we have of a simpler times for mobile phones, a phone many older people could use with ease, a phone that the new generation may now come to experience.

Currently expected to be sold for £50 (€59) it’s almost £80 cheaper than the £129.99 it was first retailed at on Pay As You Go back in 2000. Sounds like a bargain to me!

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