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System Hardware

Here at OneIT Support, we stock high quality hardware solutions perfect for any business you are hoping to run, and all at very affordable prices.

Computer Hardware – from Switches to Servers

Are you looking for new computer systems for your business? Here at One IT Support we can supply a variety of systems for almost any business needs.

We have a strong relationship with various suppliers, enabling us to obtain branded systems from manufacturers such as Dell and HP for very competitive prices. We can also supply as-new refurbished laptops at a great price with full manufacturer warranty and upgrades available.

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? We can custom build any machine to your specifications or recommend components to suit your requirements. Almost every PC we build comes with a super fast Solid State Drive, making sure your staff spend less time waiting for their PC, and more time being productive.

Now is a great time to upgrade your ageing computers, in 2016 new developments in key technologies such as DDR4 RAM and NVMe storage mean you can get a much more powerful and future-proof PC for a fraction of the cost of previous years.

We also source and supply Server equipment, primarily sourced directly from Dell at highly competitive prices. Depending on your needs, we can also custom build server grade systems with highly specialised components to get exactly what you need – and save money on what you don’t!

Other items such as Routers, Access Points and Switches are also routinely supplied and stocked to cover most networking requirements.

Get in touch to speak to one of our engineers about your business requirements or a free quotation.


Computer Hardware for your Business

Desktop Workstations

Computer Workstations

Welcome to One IT Support, your one-stop shop for locating a diverse selection of high-quality computer workstations.

In a tech-based company, it is important for employers to provide every one of their staff members with their very own workstation to give them their own space in a workplace.

Fortunately with One IT Support, you can choose a workstation that is the perfect shape and size for your company’s office.

As a result, you can opt for a spacious terminal that is big enough to hold an advanced computer with ease, or a nimble unit that is able to hold a computer monitor without using up too much space around a workplace.

Remember that we also have a huge range of laptops available, to make for a much more flexible working environment.

Contact us today to discuss the best options available for your business.



With technology and businesses both becoming much more mobile, you will be wise to check out our huge collection of laptops here at One IT Support today.

Flexible working is a popular term in the working environment at the moment, with the concept enabling employees to complete tasks associated with their jobs on the go.

One IT Support can assist with you bringing this strategy into your workplace, with our range of laptops coming packed with all the latest technology and assembled by the biggest names in the industry.

As a result, members of staff in your company will have the opportunity to keep on top of their workloads as they commute to and from the office, as well as when they are called out of a workplace to attend conferences and meetings.

Our skilled engineers are also available to repair your laptop should it go on the blink, as well as recover important data  if the gadget should become damaged beyond repair.

Get in touch and discuss the options with one of our friendly engineers today to get the best laptop for your business.


Server Range

Ensure your business stays connected with the world, thanks to One IT Support and our excellent array of server units.

A server is an essential piece of computer hardware for employers who want their company’s technology assembled into one functional network.

Mind you, the types of server available makes for quite a diverse list, but fortunately One IT Support stock every variety your business could ever need.

As a result, we are your one-stop shop whether you are in the market for a complex database server, a specific email server, a print server or a web server, to name but a few examples.

If you are finding it difficult to set up a server room in your company, don’t forget that we can offer hosted dedicated servers  for your employees to access too.

Contact us to speak to our team of experienced engineers today – they are waiting to assist you with any enquires you might have about a server setup around your business.

Router and Network Switch Selection

Router & Network Switch Selection

Make your company’s workplace a connected environment, with a helping hand from One IT Support and our extensive router and network switch collection.

Routers and switches are two of the most common components for setting up a wired Ethernet network around your business.

A network switch is defined as technology that enables multiple computers to be brought together using a single local area network (LAN) connection. One IT Support supply these devices from such well-known technology brands as MikroTik and TP-Link.

Meanwhile, our routers are assembled from the likes of TP-Link, MikroTik and Ubiquiti and all serve as intermediate portals for network traffic.

Replacing an old router or network switch for advanced devices? Recycle your unwanted technology safely and efficiently by making use of our excellent hardware disposal service.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to find the best router or network switch for your business and discuss your options with one of our skilled engineers.

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage

Improve how information is stored around your workplace, by installing NAS drives into your company’s office with assistance from One IT Support.

Short for network-attached storage, a NAS hard drive will provide your business with file-level computer data storage opportunities.

These units are connected to a computer network as well, thus enabling employers to provide data access to certain clients without any fuss.

One IT Support stock NAS drives from all the big-name manufacturers in the industry, so you are assured the highest quality when enhancing your company’s network setup.

Don’t forget that our computer storage options also cover  cloud computing  strategies, whereby you can save and access data on the internet for easy access wherever you may be.

If you wish to discuss which system will be best for your company with one of our skilled technicians, we are happy to assist over the phone.

Computer Hardware Disposal

Dedicated Server Hosting

Computer Hardware Disposal

Let One IT Support and our superb computer hardware disposal service enable you to dispose of any old gadgets safely and without any fuss.

The electronics industry is fast moving, with updated gadgets and advanced pieces of technology arriving on the market all the time.

However, computer hardware that you have no use for anymore may still have their advantages in other businesses. This is where One IT Support can help.

Our team of skilled engineers are on hand to collect your unwanted technology and make sure that it is either given a useful new home or is disposed of free of risk.

Remember that we also offer an efficient recycling service, which you can use to quickly rid of an old desktop computer, laptop  or printer.

Contact us without delay to take advantage of our rapid and effective hardware disposal service, or why not drop by our workshop in Tynemouth  with your unwanted technology?

Refurbished Hardware

Refurbished Hardware

We are sure to have computer hardware and components which will fit perfectly into your company’s workplace within our refurbished hardware range here at One IT Support.

The electronics market is one of the fastest-moving industries in the world, with more advanced forms of technology being introduced to consumers on an almost weekly basis.

Just because a business opts to install the newest pieces of technology in their workplace though, it does not mean that the gadgets they are replacing are now defunct.

We have so much refurbished IT hardware on offer here at One IT Support which are still in great working condition, and available at very affordable prices too.

If you are hoping to get rid of old technology from your workplace, remember that we also offer a superb  hardware disposal service  so that you can safely dispose of unwanted gadgets in a flash.

Have a look through all of our refurbished systems below or get in touch to discuss which hardware you require for your business with one of our experienced engineers.

One IT Support Helpdesk

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilise a helpdesk ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests.