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IT Solutions for your business

Make sure your companies IT systems stay in the best condition. At One IT Support we offer comprehensive proactive monitoring and an average response time under 15 minutes.


Business IT Support Services

Keep all the technology within your company in tip-top condition, by making use of our business IT support services here at One IT.

Even if you invest only in the latest technology hitting the market and regularly check your systems for faults, there will be times when you or your IT team experiences problems.

When an issue develops with your technology, rest assured that One IT is here and ready to get your equipment functioning again in next to no time.

Drop by our offices in Tynemouth and speak to one of our consultants in person, or request an on-site visit by one of our engineers to fix the problems you are having with your systems. If that’s not convenient, check out our excellent remote IT support solutions if you need the issue rectified urgently and efficiently.

Remember that we also offer a diverse selection of data recovery operations, so we can recover important data following an unfortunate glitch. Better still we offer a free consultation to find the best backup solution to ensure the risk of any data recovery being necessary is minimal.

Looking for IT companies in Newcastle Get in touch with one of our skilled engineers and discover just how much our IT company can offer you today. Call 0191 296 0111 now.

Support Services

Remote IT Support

One IT Support provides a comprehensive remote IT support service for any size of business.

With our remote IT support services we can give you a huge helping hand from our workshop in Tynemouth by logging onto your system in seconds and working with you to resolve your issues like we were there.

Our in-depth expertise and absolute focus on customer service means that our remote support is second-to-none.

We make use of powerful TeamViewer software, controlled by our own Managed Service dashboard and are able to remotely control any computer or Mac over the Internet within seconds. What this means is that we can provide you with spontaneous IT support, as well as an on-the-spot solution for any problems you may have encountered with your system.

Our remote IT support service includes basic data recovery and laptop & PC repair, though if you require further information drop us a line without delay.

On-Site IT Support

One IT Support is here to offer you excellent and rapid on-site IT support when the need arises, so we can sort out any problems with your technology quickly and effectively, leaving you to get on with your day.

Living in an age where being connected is vitally important for businesses, being without an essential piece of technology for even a couple of hours can prove costly. This is why One IT Support offers you on-site IT support by requesting one of our skilled engineers to come out to your workplace.

Alternatively, if it is more convenient feel free to book your system into our Tynemouth workshop to be looked at with the benefit of our specialist diagnostic equipment.

Remember that we can also offer you remote IT support, for problems that can be rectified without the need for any physical interaction with the technology.

Don’t delay, contact us today or drop by our workshop to sort out any problems with equipment in your business.

Small Business IT Support Services

One IT Support provides specially tailored IT solutions for small businesses.

Every company starts as a small business, and we understand the complications and issues of a small business when it comes to getting effective and reliable IT support. Your company can grow quickly and the level of technology required can easily become overwhelming and complicated, and when hiring a full time it technician is out of your budget, we can create a bespoke package of support to ensure your business can grow without any further IT issues.

Our support packages can be as flexible as a your business need them to be. We know how to deliver effective small business IT support and services designed for them. We’re genuinely committed to helping all our clients get the most effective use out of their IT systems. We offer services and solutions for the IT challenges our clients face every day. We can provide your business with IT support in your office, at home and for mobile technology, to ensure that your business can progress and be successful.

Contact us or read below to find out more about how our small business IT support services can integrate perfectly into any business.

General IT Support Services

Creating and running a business involves a lot of hard work, creativity and adaptability. One IT Support can help you maintain an effective IT system that works for you and your business. We have support packages for every level of business and can create a package to suit your budget. Please contact us to discuss our IT Support.

In addition to all the above, listed below are the key services we can off your business, to help keep your technology working and making sure you have a cost effective fail-safe in place for your IT systems.

  • Network Installation – We can create your office computer network, install phone lines and connect all of your mobile devices to your network to ensure a free flow of information when you need it.
  • We can source or build specialised PC’s and Laptops, tailored to your requirements. If the high street computer outlets just can’t provide your business with exactly what it needs, we can. We can source more competitively priced computer hardware and upgrade your existing machines to meet your business requirements.
  • Fully managed network and server support – we’ll perform reboots and apply updates, monitor and report, pre-empt potential problems before they affect your IT systems and make sure your business avoids costly IT outages.
  • First-line support – we’ll offer the advice your staff need to resolve their everyday IT problems, remotely and on-site.
  • We can make sure you are getting the most from your telecommunications systems, both mobile and wired. We supply our own full managed VoIP solutions to replace antiquated office phone systems, giving you the flexibility to take your number with you anywhere and scale your office without unnecessary costs.
  • We provide remote working solutions so your staff can work with complete flexibility.
  • Website and Graphic Design – We provide a full website and graphic design service, optimise your website to get your business higher search rankings and let your business trade online by building e-commerce solutions.
  • We can provide hosting for your website, create a cloud network and create a secure and safe data storage system to ensure all of your customer data is secure.

One IT Support Helpdesk

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilise a helpdesk ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests.